Wooyoung of 2PM is in the cove of the July edition of Men’s Health Korea.

Wooyoung exposed his hot body in the photo shoot for Men’s Health with a concept of “A future warrior gone back in time.” It was reported that he came up with several ideas for himself.

He is the 4th 2PM member, after Chansung, Nickhun and Taecyeon, to be in the cover of the magazine.

Editor Jung Hye Wook said: “For photo shoots with exposed bodies, the models usually train on set beforehand. But Wooyoung trained with 3-4 times the intensity of other past models. I wanted to call him, ‘The Tenacious Man.'”

Wooyoung’s solo album will be out soon.

Watch the behind the scenes of Wooyoung’s photo shoot:

Source: soompi

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