Show Luo, to release a repackaged album of “Good Show”

Show Luo’s latest album has received a huge success, thanks to his team’s sale tactics.

In just a month, the album has sold over 135,000 copies. And now his record has launched a repackaged album to thank all his fans.

His manager said:

“It is to thank the fans’ support. The new repackaged album will have a DVD containing the complete series of his mini-film, as well as a free ticket to his new album’s concert.”

Show spends 6 hours to finish signing all the albums on every event. At the Taipei signing, almost 10,000 fans lined-up, thus, it took him 15 hours to finish signing all the albums.

It has also been reported that he is spending 8 million TWD for his “Count On Me Celebration Concert” on May 12.

Source: CpopAccess