Ryeowook celebrates birthday at a highway rest stop

Ryeowook of Super Junior turned 25 last June 21.

Kim Ryeowook and the rest of Super Junior, along with the members of f(x), held a surprise birthday party at a highway rest stop

Shindong posted the picture on his Twitter with a caption: “On our way back from the Tong Yong concert, we spent Ryeowook’s birthday at the rest stop. f(x) dongsengs, thank you so much.”

Ryeowook responded: “Thank you so much. Super Junior hyungs, f(x) dongsengs. At this rest stop, thank you!”

Super Junior and f(x) held a concert on June 20 called “One Heart Big Concert.” On their way back home, they stopped at a rest stop and threw Ryeowook a birthday party.

Source: soompi