Jay Park in June issue of Singles magazine

Jay Park has a pictorial in the June issue of Singles magazine, which was shot in Manila, Philippines.

(Jay Park bares his six-pack abs.)

The concept of the photo shoot was “top singer who successfully finished his world tour and is holding a celebratory party.”

He added: “Being my fan is not much fun because I don’t get to hold many fan meetings. Because of this, my fans feel more like my family, and I am very grateful towards them. If it wasn’t for my fans, I wouldn’t be able to produce my album or perform on stage.” In the interview, he discussed about friendship, his solo career, and many more.

“I haven’t done a sexy pictorial in a while, so I’m sure my fans will love it. More than anything else, I was excited to go to the swimming pool for the first time in a while,” said Park.

Source: allkpop