Jang Geun Suk in AERA

Jang Geun Suk was recently featured in AERA magazine.

The magazine hit the stores last August 06, and as far as I know the issue is sold out to almost every (online) store.

In his interview, he talked about his current drama “Love Rain.” He also said something about his plans in the future, and many more. Here’s one interesting part of the interview:


After around 10-months shooting, it was over on May 28th. Wondering he would relax after that, he hardly took a break and was busy for preparing his concerts and shooting CFs. Such a busy guy, Jang Keun Suk. What does he plan to take the next step?

JKS: I’ll realize one of my dreams, ‘a production of short films’. Without any limitations of time or adult situations, I want to produce a film satisfactory to me. That’s why I decided only with my company’s money, not with investors’ one. Needless to say, I play a double role as Director and the lead actor. The script was already completed and I got the staff, too. I think I can launch the shooting this fall.

JKS: What I want to do comes out one after another and never ends. I want to become a figure whom my juniors adore me saying “I want to be like him” in five or ten yeas later. I’ll do something big within 10 years. Therefore, I just keep running now.

Read the complete interview here.