The upcoming movie of Mario Maurer will now be in two parts. The one showing in Thai cinemas this week is ‘Chapter of Jan Dara,’ and the last part is called ‘Story of Jan Dara.’

The film is the third adaptation of the famous erotic novel.

Mom Noi, director of the film, left a comment to those who criticized him saying:

“People would do a lot better to examine what is essentially a socially uplifting story than come down on it because they feel it’s obscene. All the entertainment media seem capable of doing is to dwell on how naked the actors will be and what the iconic ice-cube seduction scenes will look like!”

“I am almost 60! Do you really think someone of my age wants to do an erotic movie for pleasure?”

“We are all born from the consequences of sex but Thai people are too hypocritical to talk about it or see it naturally. They feel awkward seeing erotic scenes at the cinema, but they are okay to watch them privately at home. That’s why the writer states at the beginning of the book that this novel is not for hypocrites.”

Watch the first official trailer of the remake of Jan Dara starring Mario Maurer below:

And since I’m pretty sure you guys love this shot from the trailer, I’ve made it easy for you to *stare* at:

Source: Wise Kwai’s THAI FILM JOURNAL

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