FT Island will have a major concert in four cities of Japan.

The places are Tokyo, Osaka, Nagoya, and Fukui.

Date and Venue:

6/24(sun) Sun doom Fukui, 6/28(thu) Osakajo hall, 7/4(wed) Nihon gaishi hall, 7/7(sat)•7/8(sun) Saitama super arena!

A tweet from them:

【FTISLAND】Ticket: 7000yen (plus tax and postage), we will announce how to get Fanclub precede ticket soon! Please check official website [NOTICE] http://t.co/wJC36gTx

Watch the video of them inviting their fans:


FTISLAND: Hello, this is FTISLAND!!
JAEJIN: Our summer tour has just been determined! FTISLAND Summer Tour 2012…
FTISLAND: ‘Run, Run, Run’!!
HONGKI: (to Jonghun) It doesn’t mean that run!
JAEJIN: June 24th, Sand of Fukui. June 28th, Osaka-jo (Osaka-castle) Hall. July 4th, Nagoya Gaishi Hall. July 7th&8th, Saitama…
FTISLAND: …(Saitama) Super Arena, 2 days!!
JAEJIN: Let’s go wild with us and ride out this summer! We’re looking forward to seeing you all. Until now…
MINHWAN: Thank you.
JONGHUN: I’ll give you everything~. (*Joke from Xmas concert @ Yokohama Arena, Jaejin said trying to look like a rich madom with all his cloths he was putting on)

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