Daniel Henney is featured in the August, 2012 issue of Men’s Uno Hong Kong.

The magazine includes an article where Henney talks about how it’s like to be a part of a Hollywood film, his recent participation with PETA, and many more.

Here’s a part of the rough translation of his interview:


M: Recently, you and animal-friendly organizations in Asia (PETA) shot a series of photos, will talk about this collaboration?

D: When when PETA contacted me, I am very excited about! I have been very much appreciate the efforts of this organization, they committed to protecting animal rights over the years, I hope to be able to work a way to help them. When you become public figures, must obtain a certain degree of influence if we do not have the influence to society what is actually harming themselves and others.

M: After you acted in many roles in TV dramas and movies, which role do you like best? Future expectations of what drama plays and what kind of role? Do you wish to play with animals who film?

D: In Shanghai in the New Yorker (s h a n g h a I Calling) in the role of Sam Chao was one of my most satisfying roles. He was a lawyer from New York, because of the personnel changes were outside to work in Shanghai, where he was entirely new, regardless of cultures and languages are illiterate, nor are there any friends; but he still thinks he is the smartest person and do not listen to any advice. I am absolutely the same feelings: when I first came to Hong Kong, although am very lost, but also is proud that he could only rely on their own alone will solve the problem, haha.

Some scans:

Read the rest of the interview here.

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