Aoyagi Sho in Gekkan MEN

Aoyagi Sho of Gekidan EXILE held a release event last July 22nd for his first ever photo book.

The photo book’s theme was “light and darkness,” Aoyagi was then asked if he has a bilateral character. And he responded, “I don’t know too much about myself either, but I’d say I do.”

In regards to his semi-nude shots, and what occured in the shooting, he commented:

“I’ve never taken semi-nude pictures before, so I was very nervous at first. I’m embarrassed,” and shyly added, “HIRO-san messaged me when he looked at a different magazine. If possible, I don’t want the members to see it.”

“We held the photo shoot continuously for 24-hours, so I was told that my face before and after I took off my clothes was different. After many rounds of trial-and-error with the photographer, it started getting fun towards the end. I want to do it again.”

Below are some of the shots:

Sources: tokyohive, CDJapan