The site:

Cyrem.org is an entertainment blog providing suggestions regarding newly aired Japanese anime TV series.

The webmaster:

Hi, I’m Wolf (afufu), first of all I would like to admit that I’m not a professional writer. In that sense, there will definitely be grammatical errors, and I’m hoping you can tolerate my lack of knowledge on that department.

‘So why create an anime website?,’ you might ask.

Well, my passion is mostly watching anime. And with thousands of series, movies, OAVs, and specials that I’ve seen in almost the past three decades, I have decided to create a general blog where I can connect to people and help them decide on what to watch on their spare time.

Through the years I’ve been asked by my friends on what (new) anime is good to check out, and most of the time they approved what I recommended. And so now, I would like to share my thoughts not just to the people I know of, but to the rest of the world as well.